i tried to watch the sunrise

i tried to watch the sunrise
because i woke up at 4:50am
so i put on a shirt and some tight pants
and stepped outside. it was cool there
and breezy. a bird flew right across my face
and the trees were alive with chirps and cheeps.
i had no clue which way was east and there were
duplexes everywhere. the sky was very blue and foggy.
i soon noticed there were some cloud formations right
in front of me that suspiciously looked like sunrise-esque but
the source of light was perfectly covered by the house directly
in front of ours. so after reflecting for a moment i turned
around and went inside. it was much darker in there and
difficult to see anything. but i found my way to my bed
and crawled in. i had grabbed my ipad on the way in
so i used it to catch up on social media and listen
to machinone. after awhile my mom let the pets
outside and laid back in bed. after awhile
my mom started filling her tub with
water. after awhile i felt like taking
a nap. after awhile i knew the
sunrise was over. after awhile
i would try again tomorrow.

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