the violence of healing

I just want to share my world with you
until our worlds collide in a violent venn diagram
bleeding and sore and horrible
and beautiful
until we close our eyes
and imagine a new world born
a consensus of sorts
and we open our mouths
and speak new life
a place unknown
awakened in a fever dream

oh winter come
oh winter come and chill our hearts
til we speak snow and icicles form
plunging into the depths of a frozen lake
and we melt the earth with the warmth in our eyes
leaking into our words that we speak the truth through
souls stabbed with the sun’s rays until it breaks through in a blood-stained victor’s dance
running through our veins like the word of God in platelet form
until we pulsate with the vibrance of rebirth

the violence of healing
every cell being recreated in a healthier body while the old is still alive
and we pore over the change as slowly and painfully we are learning
that brokenness becomes growth
that ice becomes waterfall
that paralysis becomes inertia
that we, as vessels, become filled with the best wine
that the most unprepared are sent on the front lines
with swords in hand
ready to die
for the deepest love in existence

to have and to hold
the bride of Christ
dressed in gown
who we are destined to be
and the spirit and the bride say come



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