I just looked out the window and thought, wow, what if every time a truck reached its destination the driver celebrated? Like, YES, I just dropped off thousands of pounds of goods across the continent and now I deserve something special. Go out with all my friends, clink our frothy mugs, laugh hard with my … Continue reading Truckers



sometimes we need to do what we don't believe in to reach what we do. sometimes we need to compromise and change our minds to keep the peace. and¬†sometimes, we need to stretch and ask ourselves why we disagree. i put on these pants knowing i feel conscientious because i am asking myself why that … Continue reading change

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1 "It's so good to see you," she says; she has walked straight to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. She rests her forehead onto his shoulder, then moves up to rest her chin on it. He hesitates; his arms stay still, then move up and rest delicately on her shoulders, refusing to … Continue reading 1 2 3 4

Moving On

Something I've noticed recently is how memories can be tainted so easily. I recently have gone through a Scott Pilgrim phase, for the second time; my friends and family put up with my obsessive binge-reading, followed by¬†a plethora of comments about it. But one article on it struck me. It focused on the unreliability of … Continue reading Moving On