To the All-Knowing

Dear college freshmen,

For some reason, you, a new graduate from high school, are expected to have your entire future planned out for you. You have to find out exactly what you want to do for the rest of your life in a matter of months, or even days, sometimes. Some people are born knowing what they’ll do; others take some time. This article is devoted to the latter.

You probably have never felt this uncertain in your entire life. You look around and see all these people with their life plans laid out, and you can’t help but wonder if anyone else has no idea what they’re doing. How are you, just barely an adult, supposed to determine the course of your entire life?

It’s overwhelming. It’s crushing. And having schoolwork on top of it is enough to make someone go mad. So what are you supposed to do?

People make you think your future needs to be cut out of stone or else the world will end. But the truth is, switching your major will not kill you. In fact, I have had 5 majors, attended 5 colleges, and taken 12 hours a semester for 6 semesters. I switched from a B.S., to a B.S.E., to a B.A.; from biology to English. I changed my major the first semester of my senior year. And here I am, a college graduate, just a handful of months later than the norm.

How did I do it? Not alone. I never would have made it without the support and advice of my professors, friends, family, and church members.

My advice is this: ask. Ask your professors what they think are your strong suits, and when they tell you, hold onto their answers. Professors are those who have faced these challenges before. Turn to them. Heed their advice.

But always remember, your decision is yours and yours alone.

College is about learning from others until you can learn for yourself. As you go through these years, you will realize what you want out of life. If it takes longer than normal, don’t worry; going by the book is for chumps, anyway. Take a semester off. Travel. Do whatever you have to do to get your head screwed on straight.

Your life is important. Don’t do something you hate. Don’t even do something you kind of like. Find what makes you tick and stick to it. Because once you find it, there’ll be no stopping you.

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