Writer’s Corner: Gerund Phrases

With finals coming up, some of you are probably pumping out papers like crazy. So, as a writing tutor for two years who has seen hundreds upon hundreds of papers, I decided to offer as much help as I can. So, I decided to start a series addressing common errors here. Today's topic: gerund phrases. Gerunds … Continue reading Writer’s Corner: Gerund Phrases


Getting to Know All about Me

Since this blog has been growing quite a bit recently, I wanted to reintroduce myself! I'm Anne Pyle--previously Anne Warke, hence the url. I'm not your typical blogger, so here's a bit of history for you to understand me better. I've lived in Texas for nearly all my life, but my Northern parents and family members kept me … Continue reading Getting to Know All about Me


last night I woke up shrouded in fog with a start I thought smoke some would say it was an omen no, the embodiment of my anxiety I rose, trying to see if the coffee was burning but with no luck, I went back to bed staring at the fog that did not exist staring at … Continue reading Fog