Guest Blog: Guy Singer

With all this poetry-writing, I’m getting a bit swamped,  so I decided to add some guest bloggers as a nice break–for you and for me. This piece on character development is by author Guy Singer, and it is chock-full of writing resources!

321 Character Development

When a writer sketches out a book, they use a variety of techniques to develop the form of their characters. There’s a good blog post on creating believable imaginary people here. One of my techniques is to ‘interview’ the main players, asking them all sorts of questions and listening to their answers. I took this approach when developing the students for ‘Alien DNA‘ which will be published later this year. I posted the interviews on my blog, here. It’s an extremely long post, almost as long as the novel itself. (jk).

If you don’t develop the character well enough to start, you can find yourself rewriting chunks of the story, as the first draft grows.

Check out Guy Singer on his blog, linked here!


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