Book Review: Willful Creatures

book review willful creatures

Willful Creatures is a haunting, enchanting book that can only be digested one story at a time. Each chapter takes only a little while to read, but I could not help meditating on each piece for an hour afterward.

The first two stories, “Death Watch” and “End of the Line,” , struck me from sheer shock at the stark difference from other stories I’ve read. I couldn’t help from being stunned at first, but I quickly became enamored with the quirky, original style. The stories’ dark sides unite with its creative premises to make a bold mix of postmodernism, magical realism, and excellent storytelling.

I recommend this book for all the contemporary English majors, philosophers, and Joycean fans in your life. I mark this book as PLEASE READ, though I would not recommend this for casual or easy reading. Check this book out as soon as you can–it’s a hallmark of our generation.

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