Social Media Update!

social media for Anne Pyle

You may have noticed something different about my blog posts: promoting my social media accounts! So I wanted to give you a brief description of what each page does.

My Twitter account includes different writing tidbits, things that make me laugh, world event commentary, racial issue awareness…basically everything my mind finds entertaining! I like communicating with other writers there and staying active. It’s where all my posts are first born. Feel free to follow if you like a good laugh or a good read.

My Facebook account links directly to the blog and also has some tidbits about my characters on it currently. I encourage interaction here, because when I’m not working, I check it quite a bit 🙂 I love responding to readers! I’d like this place to share links of different writing resources in the future.

My Instagram account is becoming my most popular page. I’m moving my major character descriptions to this account since they’re more easily accessible. I’ll also be sharing some of my favorite poems there, and perhaps some book excerpts as well! (Yes, that’s right…I’M WRITING A BOOK!!!)

Anyway, hope you don’t mind my shameless promotion. I just like keeping you guys updated on all things Anne-related! I’m not the most active here, so if you’re curious, feel free to check those accounts out!

Alright, signing off. More on the book SOON!

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