writing a book novelist writer

It’s true–I’ve begun (again) the process of writing a book!

The story follows a woman named Madeleine who owns her own business with her two friends, Tabitha and Michael. She thought her life was great when she started having dreams transporting her into her own memories. After seeing her ex Gabriel again, all she wants to do is dream and dream…until reality strikes.

I’ve slowly been collecting bits and pieces of the story for the past year, and now I’m sitting down and outlining it. It’s hard to believe I’m becoming a novelist now! I’ll try to keep details to myself, but…I hope you love it.

The road to publishing a book is an arduous one, so hopefully you’ll understand when I don’t publish here. I’m juggling three social media accounts, writing, outlining, beta reading, reviewing, freelancing, working full-time, and blogging, so it’s been pretty difficult managing my time! Hopefully it’ll settle down soon and I can really focus on the novel again.

What have you been up to? Writing anything interesting? Let me know in the comments! And be sure to follow my Instagram for tasty tidbits about the story.

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