Book Review: Wing Jones

wing jones katherine webber katie webber book review

Wing Jones is the kind of book that just makes you want to run. That’s not something I thought a book could do, but really, this book makes running feel like the most relaxing thing in the world to do. The novel follows the eponymous protagonist as she adjusts to life after a traumatic event leaves her family scrambling to cover hospital bills. She soon discovers solace in running…and she’s good. Really good.

Something I really enjoyed about this book was its poetic language. Over and over again, I found myself agape at the gorgeous wording that author Katie Webber pulls off, so subtly you almost can’t tell it’s there. Her words in places seem especially gorgeous, standing out unexpectedly and hitting you with deep contemplative thought.

However, one issue I found with the book is its occasional overuse of reflection. Webber struggles to capture the essence of the teenage mind and how it grapples with romance, and sometimes her dips into over-reflection break the natural flow of the story. However, this is a subtle issue that becomes less and less noticeable as the book continues.

Another issue is the fact that this book is not #ownvoices, but the storyline respects each culture significantly, so it still proves an entertaining and informative read. Webber put considerable effort into writing Wing Jones, and her research pays off well.

Overall, I rank this book 4 stars and a PLEASE READ. I highly recommend buying the UK version, as I did, because of how beautiful it is. You can witness its gorgeousness here, in a video of booktuber Sanne interviewing Webber. The video features a discussion on writing and reading, and I highly recommend a watch (and a subscription to Sanne’s channel, Booksandquills). Please do check out this book in any case, and I’ll see you next time for another review!

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