The Importance of Community

So, you’re a writer. You’re in the process of writing or publishing a book, or maybe you’re trying your hand at short stories and poetry. Perhaps you’re just spitballing ideas for everything and anything. Where do you start?

With community.

The most important piece of advice I can give you as a writer is to build community where you can, when you can.

Writers do more than complain about procrastination and writer’s block. They help each other through CPs–critique partners–who stick with you through every step of your book. They sprint with you, writing side by side halfway across the state/country/globe. They help you pick the best picture for your social media and listen to your characters’ painful backstories.

Writers become true friends, provide valuable feedback, and support you through every step.

Why? Because writers are built to support each other.

If you write without a community, you are missing out on a true joy and valuable source of feedback and publishing tips. I’m a member of Twitter’s “Turtle Writers” group, Facebook’s “Writing, Prompts, & Feedback” group, and a Discord group I recently joined. Community is so vital to the writing world, and I hope you’ll find it wherever you can!

Anne Pyle is usually writing away, but you can also find her on Twitter. She also recently started a poetry blog with Mindy Goorchenko, located here.



2 thoughts on “The Importance of Community

  1. Community is so important. I have friends from high school and college that support my writing but I’ve been joining tons of writing groups on Facebook for more professional support. Some of them are just filled with other aspiring writers and then some of them are filled with writers who have been doing it for a little bit and have been doing well. We share advice and information on our ever-changing market and I can honestly say it has helped me build confidence.

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