Clint Smith, Writing, and Changing My Mind

I've been reflecting on the presence of writing in my life, and as I slowly edge my way back into writing daily, it is hard. Even though I feel like my writing process is much healthier and more productive than ages past, I find myself stunted by novice mistakes time and time again. To counteract this, I've hunted … Continue reading Clint Smith, Writing, and Changing My Mind

The Demons in My Head

Recently, I read a series of articles detailing a man's experiences with something called "schizoaffective disorder." He explained how this mental illness is similar to manic depression and to schizophrenia, in their respective ways. With schizoaffective disorder, Michael Crawford revealed, one's mood shifts every few months or years from paranoid mania to dark depression with psychosis interspersed … Continue reading The Demons in My Head


I just looked out the window and thought, wow, what if every time a truck reached its destination the driver celebrated? Like, YES, I just dropped off thousands of pounds of goods across the continent and now I deserve something special. Go out with all my friends, clink our frothy mugs, laugh hard with my … Continue reading Truckers


sometimes we need to do what we don't believe in to reach what we do. sometimes we need to compromise and change our minds to keep the peace. and sometimes, we need to stretch and ask ourselves why we disagree. i put on these pants knowing i feel conscientious because i am asking myself why that … Continue reading change