Good Things Come to Those Who Fight

Recently, my husband and I have been doing well financially; we both have stable income, and we just found out our housing will mostly be covered by financial aid this summer. After months of being without jobs, agonizing over pennies saved, and relying on other people‚Äôs generosity to survive, we made it. But after all … Continue reading Good Things Come to Those Who Fight

the violence of healing

I just want to share my world with you until our worlds collide in a violent venn diagram bleeding and sore and horrible and beautiful until we close our eyes and imagine a new world born a consensus of sorts and we open our mouths and speak new life a place unknown awakened in a … Continue reading the violence of healing


I do not have a desire to be in a romantic relationship. When I tell people this, they say "You may be called to singleness." But I don't think that's the point. I think I have what all single women desire--to be free of the crave of a romantic relationship. To not be around a … Continue reading Wanting