Getting to Know All about Me

Since this blog has been growing quite a bit recently, I wanted to reintroduce myself! I'm Anne Pyle--previously Anne Warke, hence the url. I'm not your typical blogger, so here's a bit of history for you to understand me better. I've lived in Texas for nearly all my life, but my Northern parents and family members kept me … Continue reading Getting to Know All about Me

The Demons in My Head

Recently, I read a series of articles detailing a man's experiences with something called "schizoaffective disorder." He explained how this mental illness is similar to manic depression and to schizophrenia, in their respective ways. With schizoaffective disorder, Michael Crawford revealed, one's mood shifts every few months or years from paranoid mania to dark depression with psychosis interspersed … Continue reading The Demons in My Head

Moving On

Something I've noticed recently is how memories can be tainted so easily. I recently have gone through a Scott Pilgrim phase, for the second time; my friends and family put up with my obsessive binge-reading, followed by a plethora of comments about it. But one article on it struck me. It focused on the unreliability of … Continue reading Moving On