To the Beginners

Dear college freshmen,

There are two main responses to these next four years. You may surround yourself with other freshmen. Or, you may have a main friend group with people of varied ages.

If you choose the first response, your friends will make close bonds with you. You may feel that so-desired sense of fitting in. But sometimes, friend groups split, and both halves ask you to choose a side. You thought this was forever; why did it have to end so soon? You may switch to a more mature friend group of mixed ages.

The second choice will lead to developing well-rounded relationships. These people are through with drama and will mentor and guide you through the years to come. But as stress builds, they may spend less and less time with you, and with graduation looming, you’ll long for more hours in a day. You thought this was forever; why did it have to end so soon? You may switch to a younger friend group of your classmates.

Either way, you will leave people, and people will leave you.

You will feel the¬†fleeting sensation of life, that everyone you love in these next 4 years will soon separate from you indefinitely. It’s a terrifying state of being, but don’t let this terrify you; instead, embrace temporality. Love is worth the investment, no matter how short-lived it is, and memories, however bittersweet, stay with you forever.

College is about learning how to cope with change. It may always bring pain, but you will learn how to move on. And sometimes, though the relationship may change, your friends will stay with you.

So, enjoy your first semester. It’s going to be a long ride.

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